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The globally acclaimed conceptual artist that stuns audiences.

Hannah founded H+, the experiential studio intersecting architecture, science and sound. Installation art as physical interventions that unlock deeper listening and amplify human connection. Marshall’s creative DNA is marked by aesthetic + spiritual hybridity. The New York Times described Marshall as having a 'genuine intellectual curiosity' around her. Deploying her signature black + light she continually explores the dichotomous relationship between permanence and impermanence silence and sound to engage audiences and inspire change. Hannah has created projects with clients ranging from Porsche to the Financial Times, Selfridges to 180 Studios wowing global audiences with her unique ability to explore complex topics and provide unique insights.

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How does it work?

We get the brief, agree it with the client, invoice you (30 days or less, thanks) and create the product. Thanks to HeyGen technology, the process is fast, and easy to customise to get the best result for you. Turnaround can take as little as 24-hours depending on speaker's availability.

What does it cost?

Every speaker is different, but thanks to no travel costs and other savings, the vast majority of speakers are well below £10k. The speaker gets 80% of the fee, the rest gets ploughed back into Vox Futura.

How many speakers do you have?

Currently +20, soon to be +100. We're continually onboarding speakers and identifying new talent. Find the whole roster here. Know one we should have on the books or are one? Get in touch, we'd love to talk.

Do I own the content?

You can for an extra fee. There are different degrees of rights you can buy because of the many options available. If you just want to show the content once, that's included in the fee, but we don't allow content to be uploaded to sites like YouTube etc without permission. We help you make sure you get the most out of the content created and make sure speaker work gets protected.

Can I still get Q&A time with the speaker?

Yes! We do this in a couple of ways. Either by taking questions before hand and working them into the presentation or agreeing for the speaker to Zoom in at the right time although, as you can imagine, this is more costly.